Why use IP camera over conventional analog?

IP cameras connect directly to the network using a RJ45 connector and have their own IP address. IP cameras have computers and intelligence, so they can be shared by many PCs using web browser and the video recorded using video management software or a NVR & are more cost effective.

What is a 4K camera?
How high would the cost be for storage space with higher resolution video?
What is Power over Ethernet or PoE?
How do I view the camera while away or on the go?
How do I select an IP camera that delivers quality video at night?
Why do I choose Uniview?
What is the general period of warranty provided for IP Camera’s?


What Is a Security System and How Does it Work?

The system which is protect electronically your lives, valuable & property. And it works on different type of devices such ad door contacts, motion sensors, beam detector, glass brear detectors, window barriers etc

What Are Common Components of a Security System?
What’s the Initial Cost for a Home Security System?
What Is Alarm Monitoring and How Does it Work?
Are Home Security Systems and Alarm Monitoring Worth It?
How Long Does Response Team take get in to my premises when an alarm is triggered?
How Much Is Alarm Monitoring Each Month?
Why Should I Choose a Company With Professional Monitoring Services?
Can I Have My Existing Security System Equipment Monitored?
Do I Need an Alarm Permit to Install a Security System in My Home?
What is the cost increment on Electricity & telephone bills?
How Can I Prevent a House Fire?
How Can I Keep My Home Safe While I’m away?
Do Home Security Systems Deter Crime?
What Happens to My Alarm Monitoring If My Phone Line Is Cut?
How Do Home Security Systems Protect Against Lightning Strikes?
Are Wired or Wireless Home Security Systems Better?
What Type of Contract Length Can I Expect from Security Providers?
What Is the Best Security System?
I live in a high security area. Can I Still Benefit from a Home Security System?
Will My Pet Trigger a False Alarm on My Home Security System?
Are Wireless Home Security Systems Reliable?
How Does a Glass Break Detector, Door Sensor, Motion Detector, Beam Detector, Window Barriers Work?
Where Should I Install Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms?
How Does the Fire Response Work?
How Does the Police Response Work?
What Should I Do If There Is an Intruder?
Are Guard Dogs Effective for Preventing Break-ins?
If I Have an Emergency, Who Should I Call First?
Can I claim insurance, if I have an alarm installed system at my home?


How to I download commando on call app?

This app is available both for android and IOS users

Android user can download the app from play store by searching “Commando on Call”.

IOS user can download the app from app store by searching “Commando on Call”.

How do I Signup?
What are the subscription charges?
Can I cancel my subscription in between?
Are there any other charges other than subscription charges?
How do I get my activation code?
How do I pay for my subscription charges?
Can I cancel SOS request if it is mistakenly pressed?
What type of services SOS button can pressed?
Can I pay my invoice amount via Credit/Debit Card or Cash
Do I need internet to use Commando on call app.
Are the commandos normal guards or they are trained commandos?
How much secure is my data in commando on call app?
Is this service available in whole country?
Do I get copy of the invoice?